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The Little Letters 

Use their imagination to help you teach

Math and Science concepts in a fun way !

Let The Little Letters and Penelope

Come to Life in your classroom!

One  Day Long Ago

Little Ingrid and the Little Letters.JPG.jpg

A kindergartener sat

in her new classroom

on the first day of school,

she looked around and

was filled with wonder.

When she looked up at the alphabet, 

she met her new friends!





Today that same kindergartener

is a teacher,

sitting in her very own classroom.

She looks around

and is filled with wonder.

With that same imagination

she had as a child,

she looked up at the alphabet

and remembered her childhood friends. 

What if I make these

 Little Letters Come To Life

so I can teach children?

My classroom can become a place 

where my students are encouraged to be creative and use their imaginations too!


Then in the Silence of the Room,

In the Silence of the room3.jpg

 Magic filled the air.

They came to life.

Jumped off the wall 

and ran everywhere!

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